List of packages that are included in the Reapptive app.

Package TitlePackage NameVersionDescription
Expo Vector Icons@expo/vector-icons (opens in a new tab)^13.0.0Customizable vector icons for Expo
React Native Async Storage@react-native-async-storage/async-storage (opens in a new tab)1.17.11Asynchronous storage system for React Native
React Native Community DateTimePicker@react-native-community/datetimepicker (opens in a new tab)6.7.3Date and time picker for React Native
React Navigation Bottom Tabs@react-navigation/bottom-tabs (opens in a new tab)^6.5.8Bottom tab navigation for React Navigation
React Navigation Native@react-navigation/native (opens in a new tab)^6.1.6Native navigation for React Native
React Navigation Native Stack@react-navigation/native-stack (opens in a new tab)^6.9.13Stack navigation for React Navigation
Expo Assetexpo-asset (opens in a new tab)^8.9.1Asset management for Expo
Expo Blurexpo-blur (opens in a new tab)~12.2.2Gaussian blur for Expo
Expo Document Pickerexpo-document-picker (opens in a new tab)~11.2.2Document picker for Expo
Expo File Systemexpo-file-system (opens in a new tab)^15.2.2File system access for Expo
Expo Fontexpo-font (opens in a new tab)^11.1.1Font loading and management for Expo
Expo Notificationsexpo-notifications (opens in a new tab)~0.18.1Push notifications for Expo
Expo SQLiteexpo-sqlite (opens in a new tab)^11.1.1SQLite database for Expo
Expo Status Barexpo-status-bar (opens in a new tab)~1.4.4Status bar component for Expo
Reactreact (opens in a new tab)18.2.0JavaScript library for building UIs
React Nativereact-native (opens in a new tab)0.71.8Framework for building native apps with React
React Native Dialogreact-native-dialog (opens in a new tab)^9.3.0Dialog component for React Native
React Native Elementsreact-native-elements (opens in a new tab)^3.4.3UI toolkit for React Native
React Native Error Boundaryreact-native-error-boundary (opens in a new tab)^1.2.3Error boundary component for React Native
React Native Gesture Handler[react-native-gesture-handler](https://docs (opens in a new tab)